Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Why engage an Interventionist?

A professional alcohol interventionist is a skilled and trained professional, acting as an arbitrator between an alcoholic and their family. Prior to staging an intervention, a group of people will be chosen to confront the alcoholic and this can consist of a person’s spouse, grown children, parents, sisters and brothers. Everyone that has loved someone with an alcohol problem will have a place in the group and the interventionist will provide advice, wisdom, support and guidance throughout the process.

Before going through an intervention the group will meet and possibly hold a “mock” intervention (pre intervention), which is done to prepare before the real one takes place. During the initial mock intervention, the group will be advised on what to say and what to do, and an interventionist may have the people each write a letter to the alcoholic. The letters are written to drive home the pain the alcoholism has caused to them individually and to stress how important it is for the person to get treatment. Once the interventionist feels comfortable and prepared, a date will be selected for the actual intervention to take place.

Once a date has been selected, an alcoholic is either told beforehand or in some cases, the person is just brought to a certain predetermined location and confronted. It is never the goal of an intervention to make a person feel self-conscious or trapped, instead the process is facilitated in a loving, but controlled environment and the situation is guided by the interventionist. After each person has taken a turn and told the alcoholic how they feel, the interventionist will speak with the individual and reinforce the goal of seeking treatment. If the person refuses to enter into treatment, he or she will be made aware of the consequences of their actions and it may even involve loved ones turning their back on the individual until they get help. The letters that are written will not only include the offer of the gift of treatment but will also include the individuals bottom line for the cade that the loved one refuses to accept the gift.

The ultimate goal of an intervention is to plan out the situation from start to finish and to make sure the focus of the group remains on getting the person into treatment. An intervention is done in a constructive, caring, calm, neutral environment in which the alcoholic is shown love, support and understanding. Instead of being confronted in the same ways as before, an intervention is done with love, care and compassion. Everybody stumbles in life and everyone has problems, but when dealing with alcoholism, until treatment is received, nothing will ever change.

An alcohol interventionist is available to help a person that is ready to break away from alcoholism and make changes in life. After researching a person’s addiction history and consulting with medical professionals and rehab specialists, an interventionist will assist an alcoholic in finding type of rehabilitation programs. For some alcoholics, the first step after an intervention is going through a detoxification program in order to get the toxins of alcohol removed from the body. Once detox has been successfully completed, a person is then ready to go on to the rehabilitation program for further completion of the treatment and healing process.

Alcoholism is a destructive and dehumanizing disease which takes no prisoners and destroys everything in its path. When alcoholism has completely taken over the life of someone you love and all past efforts to help the person get into treatment have failed, it is time to consider other alternatives and options. Contacting a professional alcohol interventionist is the best way to help a person realize the misery of alcoholism and is the wakeup call many alcoholics need to finally spur them into getting treatment. When you wish to help your loved one conquer alcoholism, receiving the assistance of an interventionist can be the catalyst needed to help open their eyes to all the joy and happiness that comes from living a clean and sober life.

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